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This artist, entrepreneur, and all around bodacious bombshell is one of the driving forces behind this project. Her passion for life and having fun with friends has driven her forward at every turn.


September 1 2020

Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Logo
May 4 2020

Prototype Deck Ver. 5.2

Card Backs
January 24 2020

Finalize the game logo

TotF Logo
January 17 2020

Become an LLC

MGG Logo
January 13 2020

More public playtesting

December 20 2019

Hire artist – Christiana Clark

Artist Christiana
Christiana Clark is a concept artist and illustrator based in Austin, Texas. She enjoys creating characters and telling stories through her art. She attended Gemini School of Visual Arts in Cedar Park, Texas and works as a freelance artist. 
November 20 2018

Refine game and rules

July 9 2018

second public playtest

July 1 2018

First public playtest

Our 1st Playtest
March 20 2018

Print first Real prototype deck

September 20 2017

Refine rules and game play

and make first paper draft of game
June 15 2017

Come up with the idea