Tales of the Fabulist

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Tales of the Fabulist is a wildly outrageous game of rhapsodic improvisation, bawdry tales, and interactive falsehoods.

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How To Play

You start with a couple characters and a quest. As the Fabulist, you have one minute to start your story.

When the first minute is up, the next person in the circle lays down one of the plot twists in their hand and continues the story where the first Fabulist left off. This new Fabulist carries the story forward for the next 30 seconds.

Plot twist hand
Group of Fabulists

Play goes around the group for a total of 9 segments. After a few Plot Twists, you will find that the story has gone wildly off course…

At the end of a quick 5 minute round, the last Fabulist has one minute to wrap up the tale before everyone contributes their own Moral of the Story

Fabulist Step Four


Don’t take our words for it – here’s what real folks are saying:

"I was hesitant at first, but the stories were so much fun that I couldn't help but have a blast playing"
"The character art is AMAZING!"
Travel Agent
"Super fun game! Can't wait to play with my kids."

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